Bring Out the Sparkling Rosé for May Print
Written by Jacqueline Coleman, BT Contributor   
May 2019

Red, white, and you: Agreeable wine for $15 or less

RPix_Vino_5-19osé all day? Long gone are the days when rosé was synonymous with the super-sweet White Zinfandel. We now live in a time when everyone wants to be seen with a bottle of rosé, and it’s no longer a sign of an underdeveloped palate.

Whether hosting guests at home, going out on the boat, brunching, or enjoying a drink after work, rosé wines have proved to be more versatile to wine drinkers than their reputation and availability in the American market allowed for, even five or ten years ago. From sweet to bone dry, still and sparkling, there is a rosé for everyone.

When we think about the month of May, a few holidays and celebrations come to mind, and what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day and the unofficial Memorial Day weekend start to summer than by popping a bottle or two of refreshingly chilled sparkling rosé?

The great thing about these seven sparkling rosés is that they won’t put a big dent in your wallet. You can rosé all day on a budget.

A beautiful rosé for a spring day, the Antoine Muller Brut Rosé is a French wine made in the traditional method like Champagne, but without the steep price tag. This wine from Alsace is a light salmon pink with a bright nose bursting with elegant hints of strawberries and spring flowers. It’s a light-bodied beverage that is balanced and fresh. Nothing overpowers throughout this lovely bubbly. In fact, its elegance may convince you that this is a perfect go-to bottle.

Another charming French Crémant is the Prince Alexandre Crémant de Loire, a 100-percent cabernet franc rosé from the Loire region. If you take a taste of Prince Alexandre, your senses will be dominated by ripe red berries, followed by a crispness throughout the palate. You’ll find this wine to be on the drier side, but that’s exactly what makes it more sophisticated than other sparkling rosés, and at this prince point, it’s a great value.

For a French-inspired sparkling Argentine wine, check out Domaine Bousquet’s Brut Rosé out of Mendoza. This is a blend of 75 percent pinot noir and 25 percent chardonnay that is made from 100 percent organic grapes. Pay attention to the subtle red fruit flavors that mingle with the citrus of the chardonnay peeking through, and be pleased with how this fresh and balanced bubbly delicately entertains the palate.

Heading back over to Europe, La Vostra Extra Dry Rosé is an Italian brand that currently claims the No. 1 sparkling wine title at Total Wine. For a wine that is regularly under $12, this slightly sweeter bottle of bubbly will be a crowd pleaser at your next spring event, I am sure. Bright, ripe cherries and strawberries enchant the nose and delight the mouth as they glide through with the help of crisp acidity leading to a refreshing finish.

If you’re in the mood for a domestic bubbly, don’t be confused by the French name of Maison Jolie Sparkling Rosé from California. The label is beautiful and looks like a centerpiece, and the wine inside works just fine as an afternoon aperitif. Refreshing and clean, with flavors of strawberries and peach, this might be another nice addition to your May celebrations.

Cava lovers, I haven’t forgotten you. The  Berberana Gran Tradición Brut Rosé is a lovely choice for your next cava craving. Ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries dance throughout the fine bubbles in this light, fruit-forward wine. The word cava means “cave” in Spanish, but you won’t want to hide this bottle underground, as it also has a lovely label worth displaying as you indulge.

When I say rosé, you say, yes way, rosé! This fun bottle I found at Target is sure to be the star of your guests’ Instagram as they imbibe. Yes Way Rosé Bubbles is a fun and flirty peachy-pink sparkling wine with some stone fruit and orange flavors that surprise throughout traditional red berries of this Grenache rosé from the south of France. As a perfect brunch bubbly, Yes Way just may be your answer the next time someone says rosé!


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