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Jun 04th
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
July 2018


policeman_stopChristian Spirit on Scammed Credit

100 Block of NE 1st Street

A woman entered this store and had her eyes on a gold chain with a Jesus pendant. This was no knockoff, as the chain and pendant cost $2800. Customer gave the cashier $400 in cash then asked for the rest to be placed on an American Express gift card, which she produced. The charge went through without a hitch, but a day later, he found out that while the number is a legit credit card, it didn’t belong to the woman who used it. She had come back the next day and purchased two more chains for a combined total of $24,000 before the scam was discovered. The police were called, but there is no video surveillance in the store. We ask that Miamians be extra wary of Jesus bling at the pews this Sunday, and watch your own stuff.


Trouble Just Walks In

6700 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

At this motel, the victim says he heard banging on his front door. Rather than look through the peephole and assess the situation, he opened the door and two men forced their way in, one of them armed with a handgun. They got $205 in cash from the victim, as well as his wallet and bankcard. Victim said he filed a report a bit after the incident and said he wanted to stay at the motel longer (despite his life having been threatened), after the owner had asked him to leave several times. No wallet and no cash will make that difficult.


Got Off Easy with a Shattered Window

200 Block of NE 77th Street

Our victim was unloading groceries from her vehicle after doing a big shop. She left her purse inside her vehicle, which she locked. Sadly, there are eyes everywhere, always ready to strike. Two men approached her at her doorstep and one of them pointed a gun at her. She was told to stay still as the other man shattered the driver’s-side window and reached for the purse. Lots of work for a purse. At least she was not in the car when they reached for the purse.


You’re Not Sleeping Tonight.

5800 Block of NE 6th Court

As she battled insomnia, this woman went to her garage to smoke a cigarette, whereupon she saw that her garage door was starting to open. Thinking it was a malfunction, she pressed a button in the garage and the door started to close. But then it opened again, and as it opened she saw a pair of skinny legs wearing white tennis shoes. She screamed and the mystery man blew away. The victim says she had lost her garage opener the previous week, so the perp must have had it. She told police she will need to have the garage door recoded. She’d better do that pronto.


Not Your Usual Backyard Setup

400 Block of NE 71st Street

Police were called after a break-in at a home. The owner arrived and saw that items were missing and that the rear door had been forced open. A neighbor contacted the victim and said a man had left two televisions in his backyard and then ran off. Those televisions belonged to the victim, and over the past few weeks, someone has been breaking into homes, then stashing the stolen merchandise in a neighbor’s yard until the police came and cleared the original burglary area. This time, it didn’t work, and neighbor said she could ID the burglar.


Just Some Walking-Around Money?

400 Block of NE 82nd Street

A tenant left his apartment at noon and returned five hours later. Despite securing the door when he left, he saw that the front door was now open. He found his apartment had been burglarized. A laptop computer was missing from his dresser drawer. But the kicker was six grand in cash taken from the pocket of his pants, which had been laid out over a chair. For good measure, a change jar was also taken. Might as well, since it was there. No leads on this one, but this victim will really need to think about his next outfit.


Quite Petty for a Thrill

3200 Block of NE 1st Avenue

Suspects ordered drinks and meals, with the final bill coming out to $210. The three diners split the bill three ways with three different credit cards. They loved the service so much, they stayed a while longer and ordered some more drinks. They left without paying for them, to the tune of $51. Witnesses saw them getting into a cab. Hopefully, one of those credit cards will produce an arrest.


Don’t Call Back Now

100 Block of NE 40th Street

An office worker last saw her phone before lunchtime. She didn’t realize it might be missing till it was time to leave at the end of the day. She asked co-workers if they had seen anyone by her desk possibly grabbing the phone, but no one did. Victim’s brother called the cell number and a gruff male voice answered, and said he brought the phone on the bus. He provided no other information and then hung up. No leads on this one,


One Way to Do Debt Collection

800 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

The suspect in this report told police he was hired by a contractor to do remodeling on a condo unit. However, the contractor then refused to pay him for his services. Undaunted, the spurned employee removed a range stove from the condo and carried it out to his car. He did not have permission to do this and was later arrested.


Room with a View

2000 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Victim rode his bike to an office suite and ran inside. He left his bike unattended outside. Right on Biscayne Boulevard, so what could possibly go wrong? As he was inside the building, he was reassured by the fact he had a full view of his bike, just in case. Just in case happened, and he saw a man jump on the bike and pedal off into the distance. Having a good view doesn’t stop theft. It only gives you a ringside seat.


Brazen Taken Up a Notch

1600 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Why try clandestine means to get what you want? Some criminals will just take it. This one walked into a building and began to remove a television from the wall mount. He placed the television in a large black garbage bag and calmly walked out of the building to a waiting vehicle. Beats haggling at Best Buy.


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