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Aug 03rd
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March 2020

She Maligned Bernie, and Trump Won

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945In response to Jay Beskin’s column about Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic opponent, Jennifer Perelman (“Say Hi to Jen,” February 2020), it is my opinion that Wasserman Schultz is the reason we have Trump as president. All she and others of the Democratic National Committee ever talked about was Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. She took up all the oxygen in the room.

The Dems should have been politically astute enough to realize that Bernie Sanders and Hillary were very close, and if Bernie had been the nominee, he would have gotten Hillary’s voters. In contrast, Bernie’s voters did not like Hillary and stayed home. Thank you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary is now inserting her opinion into this race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

By maligning Bernie, she is only giving Trump more ammunition. Maybe no one in the U.S. Senate likes Bernie, but many, many people did not like Hillary either, which is why Trump won.

She was a flawed candidate from the beginning. That’s why the Dems lost. There is no such thing as “it was her turn.” Maybe one day she will get over the fact that she lost and she’ll keep her opinions to herself, instead of sounding like sour grapes.

Barbara Bordet


Climate Gentrification: Accept the Facts

Regarding “The Myth That Will Not Die” (February 2020) by David Villlano on the myth (read: “fake news”) of climate gentrification, one fact Villano must accept: Climate change is occurring within a hugely complex adaptive system -- and change in any part of such a system is both a reaction to, and impetus for, change anywhere else in the system, sometimes within a measurable time frame, often not.

And this: Like systems in nature, social systems -- including cities -- are complex adaptive systems.

This too: It is indisputable that climate change affects cities, and cities affect climate change.

Finally: Event A may not directly link to Event B, but that hardly means a causal relationship is nonexistent. In very complex systems, causation is difficult to identify immediately because of the “noise” of other factors, including the mistakenly credited effects of more proximal interactions.

Rebecca Schultz Westbrook


At the Scene of the Crime

Every month I look forward to “Police Reports” by Derek McCann. His writing style and format are spot on. Congratulations to him.

The headlines are the perfect length. Also excellent description and word choice.

Locating the crime by street is smart.

Reporting the crime, the brevity of description -- again spot on.

I can see, feel, and even smell the criminal and the crime. As you see, I am an attentive reader!

Now for the oxymoron. I often find myself smiling and asking questions of the criminal. Yes, I find humor in many of Derek’s “Police Reports.” And that is the genius of his writing. Keep the style and format. Continued success. Keep on writing!

Merle D. Ulery
Biscayne Shores


Great Watch on the Political Beat

Great “Eye on Miami” column by Nancy Lee on lobbyists (“Money, Money, Money,” December 2019). I went to an event for a Miami city commissioner (who shall remain unnamed) years ago, and the room was filled with lobbyists, developers, lawyers, and architects, plus a few schmoes like me who were just interested constituents. It is a tough arena.

However, every once in a while, through that maze, an honest, bright individual gets elected -- I always hope for the best.

Thanks for keeping up the beat.

As an aside, I know some are glad to see Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson go, but I am not in that group. She and her staff were always willing to meet our neighborhood representatives, and I will miss her.

Barbara K. Bisno
Venetian Islands



In last month’s Neighborhood Correspondents column by Mark Sell (“A Hunt for City Manager”), retired North Miami firefighter Bill Simpson’s final rank was misstated. He retired as a lieutenant.


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