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Jul 08th
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April 2019


bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945Fun With Dogs

It must be true. We fall for pet stories. Great kudos on Janet Goodman’s story “10,000 Days with Dogs” (March 2019). The fun is in the small details. Who knew there were thousands of Berlin Wall “guard” dogs who needed rehabilitation after German reunification? Or that junkyard dogs made for great stories? Fun!

Tonya Albertson


Quality of Life Tops Liability Risk

Francisco Alvarado’s article about the public boat ramp at Legion Park (“That Sinking Feeling,” March 2019), which has been closed down since 2009, brings to mind yet another public recreational resource that has been closed for years -- the swimming pool at Morningside Park.

Miami’s Upper Eastside children now have no neighborhood public pool where they can be taught how to swim -- they have to be bused to a location outside the neighborhood. Seniors like myself, who enjoy low-impact aerobics and swimming laps, have to pay to join a health club with a stuffy indoor pool for lack of alternatives.

A few years ago I attended a public hearing at which the city’s budget director was asked why there were so few public pools in our city. His response? It’s a liability issue.

The city needs to recognize that what it considers to be liability issues are quality-of-life issues for its residents. Outdoor sports are a natural fit for Miami. It is absurd that in this city, of all cities, residents should have to search high and low for a public boat ramp or public swimming pool because the City considers them to be “liability issues” and refuses to properly maintain and repair them when maintenance and repairs become necessary.

Debby Stander
Belle Meade


Editor’s note: For an update on the Morningside Park swimming pool, see “Not in the Swim of Things,” in this issue.


Civil? Or Sycophantic?

Jay Beskin must be the kind of numbskull Roger “Dirty Tricks” Stone probably loves to reel in and eat for breakfast (“Overkill,” March 2019).

Who in their right mind calls Stone an “imp,” a “half buffoon” whose “idea of assault is to spread a rumor”? Beskin needs to think about the harm “rumors” have done so far in this presidency.

What is the debate about social media “rumors” if not Russian bots, the InfoWars, QAnon, and Fox fear-mongers, and the dungheap of lies Trump spreads on Twitter?

No, the FBI should not have phoned Stone’s attorney and asked him to have his client turn himself in while officers look at his hard drives and home office.

Shauna Meltzer
North Miami Beach


Don’t Give Our City a Tagline

A mayor, two council members, one city manager... and the list goes on. As a nearly 50-year resident of North Miami, I am heartbroken by the continual scandal that my great city suffers.

I, like most residents of North Miami, consider our city one of the best places in South Florida, if not America, to live. Our little enclave of beauty and flavor has beautiful homes, good culture, and great people, but we seem to be stricken with a spates of inept leadership. We have become a laughingstock because our leaders haven’t been able to avoid the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As I recall from Mark Sell’s election article in the BT’s November 2018 edition (“Game On!”), one of the current candidates for mayor is running under heavy accusation. He has a cloud hanging over his head the size of a hurricane and with as much scandalous force.

In most cities, this type of scandal would discourage someone from running, but not North Miami. It emboldens some, and when we elect people with this type of baggage it, becomes our tagline. We as residents become saddled with the tag: “Isn’t your mayor/councilman (fill in the blank) the one who’s accused of (fill in the blank)?”

The residents only have ourselves to blame, but this May, I am hoping that we can break the cycle and lift the 50-year cloud.

Jim Garrett
North Miami


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