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May 28th
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March 2019

No Fan of Brooklyn or Modern Art

    bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945While Erik Bojnansky’s cover story (“Sold!” February 2019) about Moishe Mana as a remarkable commercial weasel can be of interest, locally, I hope that Miami, downtown, and everywhere else does not need the snot-faced Brooklyn culture to find its own. Contemporary art is already nauseating enough.

Mr. Mana, based on this article, has the personality and ruthlessness that makes him no different from Trump. We don’t need Trump-bashers here pretending they are a cut above. Besides, it’s interesting that the writer did not touch on how and through whom he finances his grand schemes.

Helmut Hauser
North Miami


The Brightline Boondoggle

    “Station Identification” by Erik Bojnansky (February 2019) is a joke, right? One train station along the FEC tracks? We need at least ten between Fort Lauderdale and downtown Miami.

And the county’s Alice Bravo tells the BT: “Train stations are supposed to be three or four miles apart.” Since when? Not in Europe or New York City -- and Brightline is no bigger than a subway car.

And again, to quote Alice Bravo regarding this one-train platform in the Design District: “Even then, it’s going to cost a few million dollars to build it.” First a question: Out of gold? Not concrete? Maybe when all is needed is a glorified bus stop.

Secondly, surely Brightline or whoever is running this boondoggle should pay for and build whatever stations on FEC property. Like that big empty lot they own west of the tracks just north of NE 79th Street.

Right now at all track crossings we have a useless, virtually empty, but noisy, traffic-jam-inducing obstruction maybe 30 times a day -- which only Superman could catch!

What exact benefit do we derive from this? Nothing.

Patrick Francis
Palm Grove


The Irony of His Words, the Jerk of His Knee

    Interesting for Jay Beskin to proclaim that, as a civil libertarian, he opposes Big Government deciding what we can do with our plastic straws, Slurpee cups, and right to vape (“Government Shut Up,” February 2019).

He doesn’t see the irony in his own words. In the same piece, he advocates for governments to punish companies that support the growing BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) trying to rein in Israel’s ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land and oppression of Palestinian people. Israel is enforcing a longstanding blockade of Gaza (its own boycott of choice) and apartheid statism, and long ago lost sight of the moral high ground. For this kind of oppression, the purse is the only leverage that works. Ask South Africa.

And don’t jerk your knee and call names here. The anti-BDS effort is an infringement on business rights and the First Amendment, not to mention the very right to boycott whom I please. It is unconstitutional on its face. Just ask the ACLU, which has made clear that it takes no position on the boycotts but is suing (and winning) to maintain the First Amendment protections of expression and association.

Cheryl Toulouse-Gibson


King of Laughs

    I get a hoot out of reading Jack King and the glee with which he skewers the slackers, pretenders, and grotesqueries of Florida’s GOP stable (“State of the State,” February 2019). He has an insider’s nose for BS and the chutzpah to tell us who’s hurling it, where it lands, and how bad it smells. Thanks.

Roberta Leonard
North Miami


A Transplant Recommends

    As he prepares to leave office, I thank Mayor Mac Glinn for his strong leadership in Miami Shores (“Going, Going...” February 2019). But as a nearly three-year resident of Miami Shores, I feel compelled to bring two issues to the attention of those in leadership.

First: Nearly two years ago my wife suffered an aneurysm. I was at Publix and arrived home before Fire Rescue did, even though they were located much closer. I had to call 911 twice before they arrived and transported Nara to North Shore Medical.

Once there, the staff offered me the option of transporting her to Palmetto Hospital, which they informed me was a superior medical facility. But it took another 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at North Shore -- two and a half hours from the aneurysm. By this time, Nara’s brain had filled with blood. After being in an induced coma for 20 days, she passed on to a better life.

In spite of numerous letters to newspapers, mayors, commissioners, and others, no one but a Herald reporter responded.

Conclusion: Indifference in Miami-Dade reigns supreme. As a senior citizen and transplant, I have zero influence in a community where “sympathy” is a foreign term.

My second issue involves the renovation of my Miami Shores home. I moved here from Oak Brook, Illinois, where village involvement (interference) was unknown. It has taken me nearly three years to complete the renovation, which I find shocking and depressing. I have had to spend in excess of $50,000 on contractors, closing permits, and complying with village requirements.

As I observe other renovations in Miami Shores, it is apparent that I’m not unique. A home on my block has had a Dumpster in the driveway for two years and has been filled approximately five times.

I would add that Miami Shores is a lovely community and would be even more attractive if homeowners were required to power-wash their sidewalks and rake their leaves to the curb, where the Village would retrieve them.

Success to our mayor as he relocates to frigid Chicago. Perhaps he can be successful there, stemming the tide of mass departures from the state by overtaxed residents.

Daryl L. Unnasch
Miami Shores


Art For the Record

    Please note an error in the cover story “Idea Man” (January 2019) by John Dorschner, who wrote that Alberto Ibargüen (as head of the Knight Foundation) “contributed $30 million in Knight money to help keep the impressive collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts in town by buying the museum and creating a fund that could be used only to pay city pensions.”

No one “bought” the museum. The Grand Bargain was a fund created by a number of foundations, the State of Michigan and the DIA to fund Detroit pensions. In exchange for creating this fund, ownership of the DIA, its collection, and grounds was transferred from the City of Detroit to the museum itself.

Christine Kloostra, executive director
Marketing & Communications
Detroit Institute of Arts


A Pair? A Pair of What?

   Jack, grow a pair and know that Trump had a fair election, not your communist assumption, and will continue to be your president till 2024 (“Dumpster and the Wall,” January 2019). Trash like you should be hauling Dumpsters full of socialist propaganda to the dumps.

So sick of you. Stop trying to brainwash people into hate and socialism. Be gone, nut case!

Kathie Tesauro
North Miami


This Joke Needs a Punchline

    There is one thing I hate, and that is hypocrisy, and I have learned that is what Jack King and your newspaper are -- and the Democrats (“Dumpster and the Wall,” January 2019). Since President Clinton, President Obama, and all the other presidents have called for the wall and to stop illegal immigration, did you raise your voice, like you have done against President Trump? When the Democrats called for tariffs against China, did you object? Or keep silent?

There is no country in the world that has let every immigrant in. Don’t be such a hypocrite, Jack King, which makes this magazine a joke.

Daniel Dirnfeld

Mom Should Be Proud Of

    Jenni Person’s story “Mama’s Mensch” (January 2019), about her son and his special-needs friend was heartwarming.

She certainly deserves praise for raising her son not just show kindness, but to live joyfully in the heart of it. I’m sure this is just the first time she will find that he amazes her.

Thank you for sharing such a personal story.

Joan Harrelson


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