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Jul 21st
Biscayne Crime Beat October PDF Print E-mail
Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
October 2018

policeman_stopThat Fellow Passenger?

5900 Block of NE 5th Avenue

A call to police revealed that two victims lived together in this house. An intruder had entered the house by breaking the lock on a side door. Once inside, he ransacked parts of it, causing some damage, though it was deemed minimal. What he did do was steal a Mac Book Pro, Apple Air Pods (so he can use the Mac Book without distraction), and a passport. This happened within a three-hour window, from late morning to early afternoon. There are no witnesses, but you may see this guy on an international flight very soon.


Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

NE 27th Street and Biscayne Boulevard

A security guard at a construction site was making his rounds when he saw two individuals carrying bags and walking down a ramp. They left the construction site, causing the brave security guard to run after them. If one wants to get ahead in life, one must go the extra mile -- or in this case, chase down the slimebags for a hundred yards or so. Carrying large bags slowed the thieves down, so they dropped two bags of tools but kept one more bag and managed to get away. The security guard was able to bring the two bags back and then call the police. No arrests have been made.


Hopeful No One Would Bother

7000 Block of N. Miami Avenue

Victim has gone to the Dominican Republic for several weeks. His father came by his home one evening and found it had been pretty much turned upside-down. Some of the missing items include a 47-inch television, a Glock, a Dell laptop, plus eight pairs of shoes and ten hats. This victim is some kind of style aficionado. So is the burglar, apparently. The back door was missing a frame where the lock goes, so there was no security and the door had been unlocked for those weeks the man had been in the DR. Police suggested he secure his door for the future.


Thirsty Tip Thief

900 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Wait staff have to put up with a lot, so please make sure you tip them well -- it makes for good karma, too. A man walked into a restaurant and asked for a glass of water. As he was being assisted, he reached into the tip jar, grabbed the money, and ran out of the place. It happened so fast. Sadly, no arrests have been made.


This Would Ruin a Good Dessert

400 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

While eating dinner out with her family, a woman placed her bag on one of the empty chairs. By the time dessert came, it was gone! She went to the manager and he provided video of someone taking the bag and leaving the restaurant. Within an hour, the thief had run up $4200 on a Bank of America credit card and $57 on taxi service. Aside from watching the video, no one saw anything, and the lowlife seems to have gotten away with it.


Parking Scofflaw’s Poor Getaway

400 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

As they were leaving a parking garage, one vehicle was tailgating another. That is vintage Miami driving, but there was more going on here. As the front car paid and left, the tailgater ran right on through the toll gate without paying. He also crashed into the sidewalk, causing pedestrians to run away in horror. This was all to avoid a five-dollar fare. Take note, Miamians, there are safer ways to be a sleazy cheapskate.


The Dressing Room Caper

7200 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Miami is in many ways the envy of the world, with shopping being a part of what makes it all great. A man was looking for clothes for a presentation he was going to make. As he was changing, he left his bag with his wallet on a chair outside the changing room. His friend was there to watch, but said friend was by now walking around the store. Once the man left the store, he received fraud alerts on his phone from his credit union, Nordstrom, and Publix. He then realized his wallet was gone. Witnesses said that two “possible” transvestites had been in the area and likely took the wallet. There is video.


No Rest for the Weary

1500 Block of N. Miami Avenue

A man was using the restroom and had put his purse next to him. Report clearly says “purse,” not “man purse,” which shows progress in police gender understanding. Semantics aside, the person in the stall next door removed the purse. As victim zipped up and exited the stall, he saw a man running toward the exit door. Men must learn not only how to wear it, but how to protect it. We are, however, still early in man-purse history.


A Real Game Killer

1700 Block of N. Bayshore Drive

A man put his backpack under a bench as he went to play basketball. During a break in the action, he went to retrieve the bag and saw it had been opened. His phone and wallet were both missing. Not noted if the game continued with our victim, but it surely would have been a grudge match for the ages, as everyone is a suspect.


Doesn’t Pay to Flash Your Goods

34 NE 11th St.

Man was at a club and started a conversation with a young woman. His friend was with him, and at one point, he took out his phone and showed his friend a picture. He then put the phone in his right-front pocket. As he got up to leave, the woman he was talking to brushed up against him. This brush was her taking the phone that our victim had nicely advertised. Thankfully for victim, he did not flash anything else.


I’ll Just Take This

3400 Block of N. Miami Avenue

A man on a mission dressed in camouflage pants and a striped polo shirt entered a Marshalls discount department store and went straight to the men’s department, where he tried on several items. He grabbed a backpack and put the clothes he liked inside it. He walked past all the points of sale without attempting a complete his “purchase.” Total value of merchandise was $49, not exactly fancy stuff here. Thief got on his bike and pedaled off.


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