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Jun 20th
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August 2018


bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945Who’s “Openly Campaigning” Now?

Regarding Erik Bojnansky’s “Political Primacy” (July 2018), I wonder if Donna Shalala understands there are not enough white suburban voters to help her defeat her possible opponent.

I also wonder if she really thinks working with the NRA will help her win the young voters who are still struggling with the Orlando Pulse nightclub and Parkland school mass shootings. Also does she really think that young voters will support a candidate who is fine with murdering innocent animals in cold blood?

Maria Elvira Salazar is not just a “Hispanic” TV presenter; she is a super-charismatic Harvard-graduated TV journalist. Not to mention, she perfectly communicates in both languages -- English and Spanish -- and during her entire career has strongly supported the local Latino LGTBQ community.

Surprisingly enough, her political agenda sounds more progressive than the Democratic candidate Biscayne Times is openly campaigning for in its cover story. The only issue against her? She is running as a Republican.

Quién es Bill Nelson?

I guess you can’t teach new tricks to an old dog.

Jorge Sanchez, registered independent
Palm Grove


The Brazen Cadre at the End of the Road

I read with interest, frustration, and disappointment Mark Sell’s article on reopening the east end of NE 135th Street (“Face-off: North Miami vs. FIU,” July 2018). It does the public a disservice to portray a small group of self-serving residents as heroic rebels fighting The System. Rather, we have a tiny minority of the North Miami citizenry effectively holding everyone else hostage in a very dangerous game.

Some years ago, this brazen cadre threw down some dirt, mulch, and plants on top of an existing, functional road looping into NE 151st Street. They thus created a spiffy little cul-de-sac that would boost property values on this drab strip of aging apartments/condos and commercial operations. They topped off this act of blatant misappropriation by calling the end of the street a “nature preserve.”

This went on quietly until 151st Street suddenly sprouted, in addition to FIU, an elementary school, a high school, and a charter school. Currently there is no egress from 151st Street for thousands of students, parents, faculty, and staff who have to U-turn their way back out. Countless children take their lives in their hands every day, navigating the sidewalk-less, clogged road. The street is a major accident waiting to happen. Meanwhile, the 135th Street crusaders airily wave off efforts to reopen the only reasonable roadway to serve the area.

It is true that FIU has mishandled the PR on the street opening, but this is just what FIU does under its current leadership. From insulting the 135th Street gang to bungling a realistic opportunity to negotiate for access to the pathetically underused Youth Fair grounds to erecting what was supposed to be a simple pedestrian bridge that morphed into a murderous eyesore tragically overloaded with hubris, FIU has at every turn bullied, rather than partnered with, the community. This is indeed regrettable.

Nonetheless, FIU’s missteps do not change the obvious and incontrovertible need to reopen the little street with mammoth pretensions. It is tempting to rush to support something that purports to preserve nature; then we hear this selfish little coterie arguing strenuously that the best alternative is to build a new road through existing wetlands. So much for environmental consciousness.

It is tiresome that North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin and his troops have managed, for years now, to risk lives, disrupt schooling, and limit economic expansion by pirating a public road for their own selfish purposes.

Lesley Northup
Miami Shores




Add Actual Waves to Miami Wave

The Miami Wave has its merits, despite the dismissive tone of Erik Bojnansky’s description of it (“From Land Swaps to High-Rise Wheels,” July 2018).

The London Eye is a major tourist attraction. Before it was built overlooking the Thames, many thought it wasn’t a fit aesthetically with that ancient city.

This one planned for Miami is much more ingenious and a better fit for a city more famous for tourism than the arts. What would be cooler yet is to combine it with this idea: a giant wave pool for surfing, an idea that has been “floating” around since 2007. Here’s a link to the idea:

With that component, it addresses the City of Miami’s desire to lease the FEC boat slip for marine purposes as “a means of raising revenue” for the city.

DC Copeland
Miami Shores


In This New Age of Information Sharing, Not a BT Fan

I started reading your monthly news magazine hoping to find nothing but unbiased truth. Instead, to my utter lack of surprise, I find another raging “contributor” by the name of Jack King, who writes an obtrusively liberal and dishonest story (“Big Ego, No Brains,” July 2018) in which he compares a lackluster president to the catastrophe and abuse of human life that was the Holocaust.

How did the editor ever approve this “commentary”? Doing this only decreases the value of the lives lost during that time of chaos and strife.

I have given up on trying to find a rational reason as to why you would publish this story unless you wanted to influence those who only read your paper and sway election votes. That is not only malignant in nature, but an insult to real reporters of news.

Checking the actual content (I shouldn’t have, there was nothing there but ad hominem and claims that lay unsupported), I find myself unable to trust you as credible, much like the New York Times, Vox, and dare I say it? BuzzFeed. Next time you try to vilify someone for committing “atrocities,” first look to how this happened and when it happened.

Obama had much higher numbers of people being ripped from their family, yet now all of a sudden you care? It also takes a while to annul the terrible law that (Clinton, what a surprise) put in place that made this happen.

In the end, I don’t intend to continue on this tirade of calling out your bias like a sore thumb, but know this: Manipulating information in a new age of information sharing will not be so easy.

Michael Rosen


Disgusting, Disrespectful, and Ignorant

I have read a lot of articles about our president with which I have not agreed. However, Jack King’s “Big Ego, No Brains” has, for the first time, compelled me to comment.

This commentary is the most disgusting, disrespectful, ignorant piece of trash that has ever been left on my doorstep. It should be retracted, and Biscayne Times should apologize to your readers for your blatant disrespect of our POTUS.


Rachel Weiss
Keystone Point


Brightline Gets a Rave

I’m happy to see that Brightline has finally started on the Florida East Coast railroad tracks (“A Hundred Trains a Day,” June 2018). It’s a nice, smooth ride. Passenger service should never have stopped on the FEC railroad.

I would like to have service to Orlando as soon as possible; however, it will take another three years. The Tri-Rail coastal link will be a good addition, with more stations.

Amtrak belongs on the FEC to Jacksonville. It now goes to the heavily populated tourist cities of Okeechobee, Lake Placid, and Sebring, and it takes ten hours to get to Jacksonville. Too bad Amtrak is not on the FEC tracks. Maybe someday. Meanwhile, we wait.

Marlene Quaroni
Biscayne Park


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