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Jun 20th
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
August 2018

policeman_stopIf It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

3400 Block NE 1st Avenue

Our victim responded to an e-mail ad opportunity. It was a dog-sitting website, and she was asked randomly to care for two dogs. All correspondence was done by e-mail. In lieu of deleting the e-mail as spam, our victim needed a break with her finances. She was sent a check for $2,500 as an advance payment to care for the pooches. She deposited it and paid her bills (meaning, before it cleared), when her bank told her that the check was worthless and came from a fraudulent account. If only dog sitting paid that much and unsolicited e-mails were legit moneymakers.


Not Thinking It Through

1400 Block of NE 2nd Avenue

Man entered a credit union with his ID and a $400 check he wanted cashed. The teller immediately realized that something was off, as evidenced by the obvious alteration to the check, poorly done. The check actually belonged to another customer, who was contacted. She’d apparently dropped the check, made out to TJ Maxx for $20, into a mailbox. The teller kept the man waiting, and a detective showed up and questioned him. The man only offered that a local named Chino had given him this check, and that Chino had offered to split the $400 with him. He was promptly arrested, having brutally failed at altering the check.


Gaining a Guilty Conscience?

7500 Block of NE 3rd Avenue

Victim came home and found a back window that was shattered. The mystery perpetrator has gone through her closets and taken a bunch of clothes. The person also took food from a shelf. However, the items didn’t leave the property -- they were all left in the back yard.


The Power of Sound

401 Biscayne Blvd.

The owner of a T-Mobile store observed a man whom he didn’t know jump a fence and enter the storage room. The intruder began to grab items and place them in a bag. This was all caught on CCTV. So the store alarm was turned on, startling the thief, who then jumped back over the fence, emptyhanded.


Secure Before You Nap

5900 Block of NE 6th Avenue

You come home and are exhausted. The AC barely works. The kitchen window is open. So you crash for a bit, too tired (and neglectful) to get up off the living room sofa and lock the kitchen window. I mean, they’ll clearly see someone is home, right? They did, and when he woke up, his wallet and cell phone were gone. It was a perfect and painless score for the burglar. No arrests have been made. Good luck napping now.


It’s Her Ongoing Nightmare

100 Block of NE 59 Terrace

Over the past several months, mystery burglars have repeatedly victimized the same homeowner. In this latest incident, three bags of shingles were taken from the area where she usually parks her car. She told police that unknown people have been entering her property, as well as entering her home. There are no signs of forced entry, and she is not sure how they are entering, as there is a large gate around the property. The intruders have also vandalized her home. The investigation continues.


Who to Call? Your Lawyer, Your Bank, or 911?

100 NE 54th St.

When returning to his business, a man found the front lock smashed and the door opened. The person who did this also ransacked the place. The victim did not call 911 and instead secured the door himself. He had an appointment with his lawyer, so he called him to let him know he’d be running late. This didn’t play well with his attorney, who told him he needed to go to the bank, as that took priority over calling 911. When he finally did call the police, it was to no avail, as the scene was contaminated and there were no security cameras. Lawyer still got paid for his services.


Bartender’s Bad Luck

100 Block of NE 11th Street

This bartender had placed $2000 on the counter and was distracted for less than five seconds, just enough time for a man to take that money and try to walk out. He handed off some of the cash, according to surveillance video, to another man, who was not apprehended. But he was, and was held for police. Only $400 was returned, much to the chagrin of the bartender. The man did admit to police that he’d taken it but added that he’d never been arrested before and asked the police to let him go, based on that good record. They dropped him off at the county jail.


Letting Go Will Cost You

100 Block of NE 11th Street

At this dance club, a woman danced all night, showing remarkable stamina, until around 5:00 a.m., at which time she decided to call it a night…or a morning. Unbeknownst to her, someone had taken a cell phone from the bag she was wearing on her shoulder. There is a flap that hangs down that the thief got into. Calls made to the number were fruitless, as the phone was turned off. Calls made to the club the next day to determine if it was found went unreturned.


Not Too Neighborly

500 Block of NE 67th Street

This victim called the police to report his security camera had been stolen. Someone had forcefully removed the camera from above his door. Also, his garden was vandalized, and plants had been ripped out of the ground. He believes his neighbor is responsible, as they have had an ongoing dispute and the camera was part of it. No arrests made, so the saga continues.


Clean Hands, Dirty Business

100 Block of NE 39th Street

Taking a bathroom break, an employee washed his hands in the sink, obeying those signs on how all employees must do this before returning to work. He’d taken off a gold watch as he did so. He left the bathroom and went back to the store where he worked. It took him an hour to realize he was missing his watch. Upon his return to the bathroom, the watch was nowhere to be found. He contacted mall security so he could view the surveillance tapes but he was told he had to file a police report. The report made sure to note that there is no surveillance inside the actual bathroom. Well, that is a relief. The watch has not yet been found.


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