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Aug 10th
Big Ego, No Brains PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jack King, BT Contributor   
July 2018

Trump is beginning to look downright scary

JPix_JackKing_7-18ust about the time you think it can’t get any worse with President Donald “the Dumpster” Trump, it does. The Dumpster now has called for mass deportations to be carried out with no judges or court cases in his latest tirade against undocumented immigrants.

The president kicked his rhetoric up a notch -- despite polls showing that 60 percent of Americans oppose his administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the border -- by declaring that undocumented immigrants, many of whom are seeking asylum, must not be allowed to “invade our country.”

And this tweet: “When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order.”

He went on to insist that U.S. immigration policy is “laughed at all over the world.” Gee, that’s funny since the United Nations recently warned that the Dumpster’s policy on migrant family separations was bordering on torture.

The Dumpster is really beginning to scare me. At first I thought he was just a goofy clown. Now I think it could be much worse, and his actions could have long-term implications.

Recently, for reasons that are unclear to me, I’ve been reading several books about people who lived in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Don’t ask me why. I wander in many directions.

One book had a lot of background about Germany before the Second World War. For those of you who may not know, Germany lost the First World War and was savaged by the rest of the world with sanctions, only to be followed the Great Depression in 1929. Even worse than that (from their perspective), Germans found themselvs competing with a group of people who actually knew how to work for a living -- the Jews. They took the jobs the Germans wouldn’t do, and the Germans hated them for it. The story beginning to sound familiar?

So the Germans, mad as hell at these despised people, voted heavily for the Nazi Party, which promoted Adolf Hitler, who promised to “fix things.” And fix things he did, if that’s what you call killing six million Jews and starting a war that killed up to 80 million people worldwide.

Can something like that ever happen again? In the United States? Remember that the First World War was called the “the war to end all wars.” That didn’t turn out so well. And we have more deadly weapons now. And nowhere to run and hide.

And back to the Dumpster. I know most of you have some level of Dumpster Sanity Syndrome, but you must stay informed if you wish to maintain your own sanity. I’m not sure how many people know that, according to the Washington Post, the Dumpster crossed the 3000-lie milestone in under 500 days. I’m sure it’s a world record, but never fear -- he has 800 days to eclipse that it, and I am sure he will make it! Here are some of best recently:

• The Dumpster has claimed 72 times that he passed the biggest tax cut in history. It turns out that this was only the eighth-largest tax cut in history. Aw, what’s a few digits?

• He claimed that under the Iran nuclear agreement, the United States “gave” Iran $150 million, but the money was actually Iran’s and the U.S. had seized it.

• He claimed that “we have done more than anybody in a year” and “I accomplished more than I promised.” Ha! At the end of his first year, Trump had signed fewer bills than any president since Dwight Eisenhower.

• The Dumpster said for the 29th time that the U.S. trade deficit with China is $500 billion, but it is really about $300 billion. He also said that we lose about $500 billion through the trade deficit, even though countries do not actually lose money on trade deficits.

• He said that major newspapers and television networks make up sources for their news. How would he know that? I can tell you that anybody in the news business who makes stuff up gets fired immediately, unless of course, you work for the National Enquirer, and I’m pretty sure that working there requires that you do make up stuff. As a matter of fact (no pun intended), the better you make stuff up, the more you probably get paid!

And on a much more somber note that we should be aware of -- war: I truly believe we could have another major war, especially when you have country leaders like Putin and the Dumpster. They have massive egos and small brains, and both believe that they’ll live forever. But so did Hitler and Stalin and others who thought they could conquer the world and live to tell about it.


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