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Feb 23rd
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Written by Derek McCann, BT Contributor   
November 2017

policeman_stopStealing from One Crime Scene to Paint Another?

500 Block of NE 59th Street

At a construction site, a paint sprayer worth over $3000 went missing. The burglars kicked a door in and then grabbed the monstrosity and exited the building. All other items, including paint, were left untouched. Due to the place being under construction, there is no real crime scene to process, telling us that construction sites are open season for would-be contractors who hope to overcharge for poor work. So far no arrests have been made.


Gentle Pass…And They’re Off!

600 Block of NE 81st Street

This is a literal NIMBY horror story, if there ever was one. While home with his family, a man heard glass breaking from the front of his house. He thought it was coming from his neighbor’s yard and got up to look out his window when he saw an uninvited perp in his own backyard, handing off his laptop to another man. It happened quickly -- a clean pass in a simple motion. Our victim screamed and threatened to call 911, but the criminals made a fast breakaway down the block, laptop in hand.


Crafty Canine Diversionary Tactic

600 Block of NE 72nd Street

Got to love that extra security on the cheap, also known as man’s best friend. One would be a fool to waste funds on fancy tech. At this house, the thieves compromised all the doors, despite the owner having locked them all, as they took time to ransack the home. The gate in the wooden fence that surrounded the property was also broken open, but the two guard dogs were roaming aimlessly, chewing on some dog bones that the criminals had smartly planted. It appears that man’s best friends are easily distracted by good old-fashioned pork chomps from the Publix pet section.


No Safe Spot for This Thief

660 Block of NE 4th Avenue

Workers were loading merchandise into a delivery van when, for some strange reason, they walked away for a few minutes -- because after all, it was only for a few minutes. Enter our friend with his shopping cart, who began loading items into it and then pushed what he could away from the scene. The total amount of the loot came out to $1000. Employees did view a videotape of the incident and identified the culprit as a well-known local homeless guy. They nabbed the celebrity hobo and brought him to the property, notifying police. The man volunteered that he’d sold the stuff already, though apparently the money was now gone, too, so no overnight hiding place for him, not even an escape to Fort Lauderdale.


Case of the Pilfered Pill Bottle

1500 Block of N. Miami Avenue

A man placed a bottle containing 12 Xanax pills on top of his bed. He left the room for several minutes, only to return to see that his pills were now missing. Sadly, this was a shelter, so it was hard to pinpoint who could have taken the pills, save for looking for people who demonstrated extreme chill. A report was generated nonetheless.


Take My Card, I Take Your Jar

100 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

An angry man entered this store and verbally assaulted the employee on duty, claiming that the worker’s boss had taken the incensed man’s food stamp card. He was informed the boss was not there (likely loading up a shopping basket at the nearby Publix, then reselling it for double the price). The frustrated patron walked out the front door, then re-entered, roaming gingerly around the store. He then grabbed the tip jar and took off on a purple bike. That will show them; do not mess with a man’s EBT card.


Just One Earring

1600 Block of N. Bayshore Drive

Police were dispatched to an apartment over a theft of one earring that a woman could not find. She’d left at 9:00 a.m. and returned at around 10:00 p.m., which would have given a criminal 13 hours to make off with the jewel. Maybe the victim lost it in the course of her busy day? Officers did speak with security, and they too will likewise be investigating this alarming incident.


Ongoing Eviction War

400 Block of NE 26th Terrace

This landlord mentioned that he’s in the middle of evicting a tenant, but during this time, there have been questionable events that have led him to believe they are the work of this tenant. Items around the building have been damaged, including a water heater. In keeping with this narrative, a fellow tenant saw him removing a fire extinguisher from a wall. Police have not yet made an arrest, and that missing fire extinguisher likely will not generate enough funds from the pawnshop for back rent.


Sort of Like a Free Netflix Account

800 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Surveillance video is getting better with the ability to capture faces and tendencies. Our victim works at the front lobby of a condo building. She places her purse under the front desk and goes about her workday. A suspect waits nearby, but our victim doesn’t seem to notice or care -- perhaps she gets a lot of nuts leering at her. Her mistake is not paying attention, because surveillance video shows that suspect slowly and carefully creeps up to the bag and waits for the fateful moment when our victim turns her head. He leaves immediately. Police are reviewing the footage.


Selective Thievery Shows an Evolving Mind

30 NE 11th St.

Criminals can be a strange lot, going for the big score or just picking and choosing. Our victim’s boyfriend noticed her credit card sitting on top of her purse, which he found strange. He informed her that it was out of her bag, so when she went to place it away for safekeeping, she found her cell phone missing from her bag. We guess our criminal needed the instant gratification of electronics, not wanting to wait for his stolen credit card to be rejected, which is kind of smart and demonstrates the evolving criminal mind in our city.


You’d Best Keep Counting

1700 Block of Biscayne Boulevard

Three suspects walked into a store and forced three people into the backroom. They were told to lie down and to count to 300; otherwise they’d be shot dead. It’s not clear how high they made it or if they were asked to add “alligator” to each count, but the suspects made off with stolen items and were not seen again. It is not known why 300 loomed as the chosen number at press time.


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