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Dec 13th
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September 2017

79th Street Gets Its Just Rewards

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945I just finished the story “Restoration Road” by Erik Bojnansky in your August 2017 issue. I have followed Mr. Bojnansky’s reporting through the years as he’s followed the rise, demise, and rise of Miami development. He has a great eye for a story, and it’s interesting to watch buildings go up and neighborhoods transform while learning some of the background about who’s who and where the money is. Thank you.

I wish all the business owners -- like Frantz Olivier, Mark Ingraham, and Mark Zaslavsky -- along 79th Street the best of luck. They’ve held in there when no one else would gamble on the area, and deserve to see the neighborhood do well.

I also enjoyed the photos for the story -- some of those funky buildings and signage are great!

Eugene Stillman
North Bay Village


In November, Virginia Key Could Die

Congratulations to Blanca Mesa once again, this time for her August column “Vote for Songbirds, Sea Turtles, and Sand.” We need her to keep pointing out issues we may miss, and to remind us why our votes count.

It would be a terrible shame to lose Virginia Key -- the last unspoiled barrier island we have -- to this shameful plan to add a marina and development on our public land.

As Blanca says, “If we can save Virginia Key, we can save Miami.” Please vote in November, my fellow citizens.

Anne Marie Holder-Ramos


Praise from a Neighbor

Every once in a while a story comes along that is really touching. Such is the one about Albert and Marta by Janet Goodman (“Unsung Service,” August 2017). Truly a very moving tale of truth and compassion. These wonderful people are what compassion is all about.

I loved the story, and it is all true. I have lived in the same building with them for years.

Howard Hollander
Bay Harbor Islands


Touched by a Tale

Congratulations to Janet Goodman on her beautifully written article “Unsung Service.” I was touched by the heartwarming and tender story of devotion, compassion, and love.

It is an inspiration to reach out with more kindness to all who cross our path.

Phyllis Barash
Miami Beach


Time Traveler, Come Baaaaaack!

First, let me say that Jack King is an amusing writer, which is not to be construed as “he’s a funny writer.” I’m generally bemused by his choice of topic, but in recent months he has done far too much reminiscing and far too little writing on current events.

While he does spin a good narrative and can set up an occasional punch line, overall the remembrances fall apart in a spate of questions. Just as in his latest, “Two Layers of Gov’t Explained” (August 2017), he spends too many words mewling for the good old days.

Not yet a Miami institution, Mr. King does retain some good institutional knowledge, and for that I continue to read him. But please bring him back to the present and our city politics right now. I know it’s easy to kick back and play time traveler, but what good is history if you don’t put what you’ve learned to wise use today?

Abbie Greene


Say, Roger, Why Don’t You Tell Us What You Really Think...

I about blew a gasket after reading Erik Bojnansky’s “Last Gasp for Parcel B” (August 2017) and learning that our county commission is about to give the last shred of public downtown waterfront land to a group of Cubans for another Cuban museum.

It may not be politically correct in this town to complain about the Cubans’ influence over nearly everything, especially politics, but I don’t care. I’ve had it. This is the last straw for me.

How many Cuban museums and monuments and statues and street names do we have already? Why can’t the so-called Cuban Exile History Museum find itself a home somewhere other than our public waterfront? Why can’t they team up with our well-regarded history museum, HistoryMiami, and take over a part of their huge space?

And why would our county commissioners think it’s okay to ignore the wishes of tens of thousands of downtown residents who want that land turned into a park? That’s what was promised many years ago!

I’ll tell you why. It would be political suicide to stand up to the Cuban lobby at county hall by saying No to these exile museum guys.

What a bunch of cowards! Audrey Edmonson, Dennis Moss, Sally Heyman, Jean Monestime, Barbara Jordan, Daniella Levine Cava -- you must fight back against these arrogant Cubans and speak up for the rights of ordinary citizens. This is the public’s land and it is precious. You need to do what’s right, and you know what’s right.

Speaking the truth in this town can be dangerous. It’s a good thing I don’t have any political ambitions.

Roger M. Henderson, Jr.


Build a Baywalk and Build It Now

Regarding your story “Artistic Commission” (August 2017) by Stuart Sheldon: Love the waterfront vision, the park, art, livability -- and in four years!

Go, Ken Russell.

Judith Anderson


Perhaps Too Many Trains to Track

I saw the Mark Sell North Miami story “Suds and Stills” (August 2017) over the weekend, and I wanted to follow up with a correction. Brightline is the express, intercity passenger rail service with three stops in South Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Tri-Rail Coastal Link is the public project studying the expansion of the existing Tri-Rail service onto the FEC Railway.

In the “Suds and Stills” story, Sell was referencing the Tri-Rail Coastal Link project on the corner of NE 125th Street, not Brightline.

He wrote: “One big hive attracting the bees is a planned train station for All Aboard Florida/Brightline on one of the corners of 125th Street. Bids will start going out this month for a master design of a transit stop, and higher density and redevelopment are sure to follow.” Take out “All Aboard Florida/Brightline” and put in “Tri-Rail Coastal Link” and you’ll have it right.

Ali Soule, director
Public Affairs


Dump, Drain, and Do Mother Earth a Favor

Thank you, Jeff Shimonski, for sounding the alarm bells on the mosquito dangers staring us in the face, but which we continue to ignore (“Buzzkill,” August 2017). What is so damn difficult about turning over outside cups or buckets or cans or pots or whatever has collected water?

Just walk around your yard once a week, folks. Get rid of the standing water and you can cut way down on the pesticide spray.

If we could cure all ills so quickly and easily, we’d be a much happier, healthier planet.

George Sepulveda
Miami Shores


Love at First Sight, and Rhona Wasn’t the First

We just moved to the area for my husband’s job and we love it. Today my three children and I stumbled across Fort Dallas Park, which was mentioned in the endangered history story by Mark Sell (“History Heist,” May 2017). Of course, I was stunned when I saw the Flagler Workers Cottage, and didn’t dare enter. I told my kids I would look into it online first and see if it’s open and safe. And after reading this article, I’m dying to fix it up.

I’d love to turn it into a classy non-for-profit community art house. I could offer free community art programs, after-school art, possibly art therapy. We can make it classy, and a huge tourist attraction. The location is stellar for young kids to come off the Metromover and explore their gifting. That would be an incredible honor!

Rhona Rubio


Editor’s note:
Please see “The People’s Projects” by Mark Sell on page 40 of this issue. That abandoned Flagler Workers Cottage facing the Miami River is about to be transformed by Christine Rupp of Dade Heritage Trust. Rupp just won a $25,000 grant from the Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge. She has big plans, as you’ll see, and so do other Challenge winners.


In last issue’s Events Calendar, we provided the wrong time for tours of the Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs. Tours begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays. Go to for details.


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