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Jun 21st
The GOP’s Boy Toy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jack King - BT Contributor   
February 2013

Marco Rubio may not know it (may never know it), but he’s being duped

OPix_JackKing_2-13ver the past 30 years, the State of Florida has had some very good U.S. Senators. Most did a great job for both Florida and the country as a whole. People like Claude Pepper, George Smathers, Lawton Chiles, Bob Graham, and Bill Nelson -- all of them Democrats.

Also on my good list is former Sen. Mel Martinez. He went to Washington with great expectations. But when he got there, he was treated like every other minority in the Republican Party. They take their new “boy” aside and tell him what to say and how to vote. When Martinez didn’t go along with the leadership, he was given crap committee assignments and was cut out of most meaningful discussions.

Martinez was so disgusted with the system that he resigned after four years. Think about that. A Republican with morals!

Now we have Sen. Marco Rubio, our wonderful boy senator from West Miami, who is falling into the same trap that ran Martinez out of Washington, only Rubio hasn’t figured it out yet. And with his brilliant intellect, he may never figure it out.

Rubio has been held up as a potential 2016 challenger for the White House. The reality is that the Republican Party has no intention of letting Rubio even get close to the nomination. They just want him out there to show the country that the party has some minority faces.

Even more troubling in this weird scenario: Rubio isn’t exactly the brightest bulb on the tree. His record in the Florida legislature is spotty at best. Mostly he was one of the leaders who tried to privatize all state functions (started by Jeb Bush), and for the most part it’s been a disaster.

Rubio’s most memorable moment as a state legislator was taking the Florida Republican Party’s AmEx card and, along with his best buddy David Rivera, burning the numbers off it for their personal expenses. Now that’s what I call living within your means!

The Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate put Rubio on the Foreign Relations Committee. I have no idea why. He has zero experience in foreign affairs. Could it possibly be his Hispanic surname?

So in his first major foreign policy outing, he gets to ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton questions (er, a question) about the Benghazi attack. It went something like this:

Rubio: Before the attack in Benghazi, what had we done specifically to help them build their security capacities?

Clinton: Well there’s a long list and I’ll be happy to provide that to you because it is filled with training, with equipment, with the kind of planning that they had not done before, and I’d be happy to send you the detail on that, senator.

That’s it? He spoke for eight seconds and that’s all he could say? My best guess is that his Republican handlers gave him a softball question so he wouldn’t make a fool of himself. Hell, he could have just sent a memo asking for the information. But then he wouldn’t have had a chance to get his mug on television.

For the past few months we’ve heard that Rubio is working on a comprehensive and sweeping package of immigration reforms. So far we’ve heard only generalizations about the package. Nobody knows any specifics. Ah yes, it is difficult to criticize someone’s policy if you have only a vague idea what it is.

My take on what his “sweeping” immigration reforms will look like: Nobody else can come in to the United States unless you come with $10 million to invest, a doctorate degree, and look like a Republican. Oh yes, you can be Hispanic as long as you’re still white.

As for the 11 million people already here illegally: You can stay here, pay taxes, donate to my campaign, and keep your nose clean. However, becoming a citizen will take 50 years. In other words, stay, work, make this country great, and then die. Thank you.

In closing, here are a few more choice Rubioisms:

• Rubio does not support background checks for gun purchases.

• His religion is Catholic. No wait, Mormon. No wait, Protestant.

• He says that after 11 years, we’re leaving Afghanistan “too fast.”

• He voted against hurricane relief for Sandy victims. (Sure hope we don’t have another bad storm in Florida.)

• His “100 Bright Ideas to Fix Florida” did little to help Florida, but made his friends, including Jeb Bush, lots of money.

• Do you collect Social Security? What about unemployment insurance? Rubio thinks you’re lazy.

• He voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

• He secured $20 million for a hospital, then got hired by the hospital at $8000 per month.

There are so many more, but it’s beginning to make me sick. I’m going to have revise my definition of the word “conservative.”


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