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Jun 18th
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November 2018

bigstock_Mail_Button_1727945Little Haiti, Unleash Your Power

Thanks to Erik Bojnansky and Biscayne Times for continuing to hit the issue of mega-developers stomping into Little River and Little Haiti (“On the Menu: Higher Prices, Fewer Locals,” October 2018). Here’s to more “galleries, restaurants, bars, salons” -- more low-wage service jobs for locals who’ll now have to commute to work.

Jean Mapou hits the nail on the head when he says individuals can’t do much about the encroachment, but a community can. Who doesn’t want to listen to someone with an offer to buy? But selling means you’ll likely have to move to a more expensive neighborhood, further away.

The community has leverage, considering the elevation issue and sea level rise, and can negotiate -- as a community -- to prevent cherry-picking and lowballing, and to have some say in outcomes.

They need to unleash the power they hold, and they need legal and organizational backup and counsel before it’s too late.

Tere Alonso


Stop These Trains -- Ten Times!

Thank you for Francisco Alvarado’s story “Horns and a Dilemma” (October 2018). The real dilemma is how does one catch a train speeding by at 40 mph? There are no stations! The whole point of mass transit is: One can use it!

There should be ten stops between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Patrick Francis
NE 4th Court and NE 78th Street (where is it very noisy)


I’m Ready to Take It to the Tracks

I’m a resident of North Miami. I live near the train tracks on 127th Street and am awakened several times each night by blaring horns and rumbling tracks.

Being an activist, I have considered standing at the tracks with picket signs during commutes.

Thank you for a great article.

Nicole Sauvageau
North Miami


Way Too Much Noise

I live at the Shores Villas in Miami Shores. Our condos are just off the train tracks between 87th and 91st streets on Park Drive. The number of trains has increased, and the noise from the horns is driving us crazy.

Antonio Arroyo
Miami Shores


Train-Horn Slayer

Thank you for your article about the train horns.

As a followup, maybe you should do our story (Mayor Cavalier of Miami Springs and myself) about creating quiet zones at night in 1985 in the State of Florida, and how a federal lie brought the horns back.

Joseph Platnick, Project Whistle Stop
North Miami Beach


Apologies Our

In John Ise’s column “Time to Reboot for November Elections” (October 2018), unfortunately my last name was inverted with my first name.

His column states my name as Dreher Werner.

My name is Werner Dreher.

Thank you.

Werner Dreher
El Portal


You Sweet Talker, You

To Jack King: Remember Don “the Con” Dumpster is your president, snowflake (“This Midterm Matters,” October 2018). He will continue to be your president until 2024.

Suck it up, lollipop. Socialism sucks.

Kat Tesauro
North Miami


A NMB Plea to Vote

Mark Sell’s column (“Another Fine Mess,” October 2018) underscores that the citizens of North Miami Beach have a rare opportunity. They can vote for city officials who will follow constituent voices, instead of the special interests.

These past few years, our commission has been inundated with more than our share of “rotten apples.” The last two occupants of the mayor’s seat were found guilty of criminal offenses. Another commissioner has been arrested and removed from office.

Officials who followed the lead of lobbyists and dismantled our sanitation department and outsourced management of our water utility must be replaced. Neither of these issues were constituent-driven, and residents were upset with both moves.

We need experienced people who can be trusted with our city. Fortunately, we have three individuals who meet this requirement: Ray Marin, Jay Chernoff, and David Templer.

It’s time for us to take back our city.

Jaime Miller
North Miami Beach


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