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Jun 16th
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Written by Jack King, BT Contributor   
November 2018

And about those constitutional amendments....

APix_JackKing_11-18s we come to the end of the 2018 political season, I can’t help but wonder how all this is working out. We have as president Don “the con” Dumpster, who’s telling everybody that everything is going wrong -- except, of course, everything that is going right, thanks to him. He is, truly, an egomaniacal nut case.

He still goes about the world telling thousands of lies -- and, yes, I do mean real lies -- to anyone who will believe him. And the believers are mostly old white men and white women who apparently believe anything as long as they get something out of it.

They all seem to revel in the Dumpster’s lies, even when he lies directly to their faces and then, hours later, tells a completely contradictory lie without batting an eye. It takes many years of experience to learn to lie like that.

Back to Florida. The last thing we need are politicians who have no idea how to help our state. Most of them, of course, only know how to help themselves.

Take, for instance, our illustrious governor, Rick Scott, who is now running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. He talks like he’s in this for the residents of Florida. Well, he’s a resident of Florida (if you can call Naples part of Florida), and he has ripped off just about any health company in Florida that would have him.

It would take many pages to tell all the Rick Scott story, so how about just this excerpt for starters. In 2002, one of his health care companies, Columbia HCA (he had been its president before leaving during a federal investigation) was fined $1.7 billion (that’s right, billion) by the feds. The Justice Department called Columbia/HCA’s the “largest health care fraud case in U.S. history” because it defrauded every governmental program, rather than just one program exclusively. See that? Scott is an equal-opportunity crook.

When Columbia finally bought him out for $300 million, he was on his way! He decided to jump into politics and ran for governor. That was a bad idea for Florida, and we still haven’t recovered. And now he wants to be a U.S. senator, rather than a Medicare fraud specialist. No doubt, it has done him well. He’s put at least $65 million in his campaign so far, and the talk is, he’ll get to $100 million. And he won’t even miss a meal or a vacation to the south of France.

Recently, Scott has been missing in action. He says he’s been working on the hurricane mess in north Florida. I’ve asked a lot of questions, though, and nobody can tell me what exactly he’s done. Sounds a lot like his eight years in Tallahassee.

Back to home and to this election. For reasons not too clear to me, the Florida Constitution has enshrined a way for state voters periodically to remove stuff from it. It happens every 20 years, and nobody really knows what to do with or without it. With that said, here goes:

Amendment 1: This amendment fiddles with the existing Florida Homestead Exemption. Don’t mess with it. The amendment certainly needs some work, but this is not the way to do it.

Amendment 2: This puts a temporary cap on the Homestead Exemption. While the homestead laws certainly need some adjustment, this is still not the way to do it.

Amendment 3: This is about casino gambling. Most people seem to want it. I’d rather give my money to my ex-wife than gamble it away.

Amendment 4: This allows felons to vote after they’ve served their time. Why not? There’s nothing in Florida law or the U.S. constitution to withhold the right to vote from felons who’ve paid their debt to society.

Amendment 5: It would require a two-thirds vote to raise taxes. Do you think that you could get a two-thirds vote for anything in the legislature?

Amendment 6: Why this is even here? It’s already in the constitution.

Amendment 7: Death money for first responders. No.

Amendment 8: Forget it. The Supreme Court has removed this one.

Amendment 9: Vaping and oil drilling? Just forget this one.

Amendment 10: Florida Office of Counterterrorism. Is Tallahassee now Washington, D.C.? Forget it. Would you like to have Rick Scott run the terrorism office?

Amendment 11: Would repeal the state’s ability to prohibit non-citizens from buying, owning, and selling property; deletes a provision that forces the state to prosecute criminal suspects under the law they were originally charged under, even if the Legislature changes that law; deletes obsolete language having to do with high-speed rail in Florida. Are you kidding?

Amendment 12: Lobbying rules. Forget it. There are no lobbying rules in Tallahassee. Tallahassee is actually in Georgia.

Amendment 13: Would ban dog racing. Who cares? It’s a dead sport (sport?) anyway.


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